Success Stories

The Sleep Sense™ Method, created by Dana Obleman in 2003, has already helped thousands of parents just like you teach their children healthy sleep habits. It was my strong belief in Dana’s system that inspired me to become a professional sleep consultant, and I look forward to helping you and your family achieve the same results that my recent clients have been enjoying. Here are some letters from them:

As first time parents, we contacted Naveeda when we were at just about our breaking point. Our daughter had been a great sleeper until approximately 5 months when suddenly she started waking up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. She was a terrible napper and was awake almost the entire day; we would be lucky to get 1 hour from her. Aside from the exhaustion we were genuinely concerned about our daughters sleep habits and knew that constant waking and only 7 hours of sleep per day for such a small baby couldn’t be good. After a lot of deliberation, at 6.5 months we finally decided to meet with Naveeda and were convinced that Sleep Sense was the best way to go.

Naveeda provided us with a plan specifically for our daughter. After only 3 days she was sleeping through the night without a fuss in her own room and in her own crib! After two weeks, her naps also regularized and now she sleeps at least 3 hours in the day and 12 hours at night! No more night feeds! We noticed an immediate change in our daughters personality; she is so much happier now that she has the important sleep that she needs.

Naveeda was a wonderful support. She followed up with us daily to see how we were going on and was always available for questions. She always stressed that consistency is key and every recommendation worked. For anyone looking for a gentle but effective approach to providing their baby with the tools to sleep on their own I would definitely recommend the Sleep Sense programme with Naveeda.

Thank you so much for all your help!

Ashiqa, Moez & Eiliyah

Nairobi, Kenya

Hello friends! Okay so I’ve been meaning to do this for a while and finally getting around to doing this.

I want to wholeheartedly thank Naveeda Keshvani who is not only a very dear friend but also the BEST baby sleep trainer in the world!!!

Before babies come into this world the only advice everyone gives you is ‘Make sure you catch up on your sleep!’ And trust me to do the whole baby thing after 10 years is no joke! The sleepless nights were exhausting, the crying baby and diapers was nothing but too much work!!!!

The best gift I have given my beautiful daughter Aarfa to date is SLEEP! She is so well trained thanks to this awesome course I did with Naveeda.

Babies need significantly more sleep than adults to support their rapid mental and physical development. Babies often act as if they’re not tired, resisting bedtime and becoming hyper as the evening goes on. All this can happen because the child is overtired. And hence the random night wakes!! I learnt all this from Naveeda. She instilled in us how important it was for Aarfa to have a good 12 hours to sleep overnight. To hear that was music to my ears!! A happy Baby = A happy Mummy!! And yes she promised me that just after 10 days of training Aarfa would be sleeping the night. All the rocking, all the singing to her to sleep, the back breaking…yes! It’s all OVER!!! My baby has a good night’s sleep and I see a much brighter baby every single day! 😀

For more info on sleep training do not hesitate to get in touch with me 🙂 I will happily share Naveeda’s contact and you can enjoy a good ten hours of sleep daily even with baby…just ’cause …. You can!!!!

Aarti, Farad & Baby Aarfa

Nairobi, Kenya

When Naveeda talks to you of expectations from the program and our child you think of her as a sales lady trying to make a sale.. What! Our kid is going to sleep through the night?! I chuckled on the inside.. By the forth day you better believe what she sold you. Our kid sleeps through the night and more often then not knocks out with 5min of being put in his cot. He cried on his first night,my wife cried,I cried. We all cried. I thought the next morning our kid would hate me. Of course not. He smiled at me as he always does when I woke him up. The weakest link in this program are the parents. You go in knowing that the first few days are going be hell. After that you won’t believe the favor you’ve done your kid and yourselves. It’s the best $385 including of all taxes I’ve ever spent!

Kamini, Bhavesh and Baby Riaan

Nairobi, Kenya

We decided to go ahead with sleep training our child as he was not sleeping well and waking up several times in the night. We called Naveeda for her opinion and advise on where we were going wrong. She gave us a free consultancy before we engaged her on the program. 

Naveeda’s approach was very firm but within reason, and her support through out was incredible. We found her to be perfect for our son’s sleep training. She always monitored his progress and made sure we were sticking to the routine. 

I would highly recommend her to anyone planning to teach their babies. Touch wood, our son sleeps through the night and also has his day naps as per what we had planned. We now find due to his extra sleep and routine, he is a lot of energetic and a much happier baby. This program has not only helped our son but improved our sleep cycles. 

Thank you Naveeda for your help. Keep up the great work.”

Lots of love,

Kay, Pinku, Amit & the Elephant

Nairobi, Kenya

Naveeda was an exceptional sleep consultant for us. We were anxious new parents and although we were in different time zones, she virtually held our hands every step of the way and made herself available to us throughout the process by text, email, phone, Skype, etc.

Even after completing the training, she has always been available to answer any questions that arise and help us navigate changes in our daughters sleep habits. I would highly recommend and trust Naveeda anytime.”

Yashina & Rizwan & Little Nureya

Vancouver, Canada.

A huge thank you to Naveeda Manji for ‘saving’ our sleep!

Before our paediatrician politely recommended we sleep train our 5 month old son, we had no idea how bad our situation was. Putting our son down for naps was at the best of times a half hour rocking and pacifier session (only for him to wake up 20 minutes later)-and at the worst of times mission impossible! And at night time, our son would wake up to 5 times a night to feed. Apart from serious sleep deprivation affecting our own sanity, we weren’t aware that our son’s development was being hindered from lack of sleep. When the doctor told us he should be sleeping up to 12 hours a night, and 3 hours during the day-we were in shock! He and other mummies suggested we contact Naveeda Manji.

Naveeda was not only professional (explaining in detail the training process, and the importance of sleep and child development); but was also very kind and supportive throughout the whole process. She would regularly check on us to make sure all was going well, and was always readily available whenever we needed help.

Yes sleep training is an arduous process and can be tough on the parents’ emotions. But the truth of the matter is that it’s worth it.  Like many worthy things in life, the path to achieving them is difficult. We however cannot stress enough that this difficulty is short-term; what matters most is the very satisfying and essential long term end result-which is so important for your little one!

From sleeping only a couple of hours a time at night, our son now sleeps throughout the night in his own room and by himself-no more pacifier, rocking or ‘snack’ feeding! His naps have as well been regularized, and he manages to get the full rest as recommended for his age. This is evident as he has become a more joyful and adventurous baby!

All in all we recommend sleep training-and the very able Naveeda Manji to take you through it.

So once again thank you Naveeda-for saving our family’s sleep!”

Shalini, Ravi, Baby Mahin & George the Bear

Nairobi, Kenya