Success Stories

The Sleep Sense™ Method, created by Dana Obleman in 2003, has already helped thousands of parents just like you teach their children healthy sleep habits. It was my strong belief in Dana’s system that inspired me to become a professional sleep consultant, and I look forward to helping you and your family achieve the same results that my recent clients have been enjoying. Here are some letters from them:

Thank you so much for changing our life and allowing us to sleep again.

We want to thank you for guiding us through the journey of teaching A to sleep on her own. We are glad we decided to do this with you and appreciate the support you have given us through the process.

S & Baby A – April 2019
Nairobi, Kenya

Dear Naveeda,
We want to express our sincere gratitude for providing us with all the necessary guidance, coaching, written sleep training schedule and materials which allowed us to get our daughter (who was 8 months old when we started your two week plan) to sleep thru the night by herself.  We followed your strategy and plan and it really worked!  Your support and guidance during the days of the sleep training program were most helpful and allowed us to finish the program with much success. We now have a good simple schedule and routine in place so that we both are able to get out and about and do a wider variety of things.  We thank you and will recommend your services to all who are looking for such assistance.

Larry and Betty – April 2019
Nairobi, Kenya

After months of baby waking up at least 6 times a night, we decided to sleep train. I contacted a sleep trainer I had seen marketing herself on social media and she put us on a program. Unfortunately that didn’t work out, nothing improved and our little girl was still sleeping the same amount of time.

A few weeks after trying the first trainer and still exhausted from the lack of sleep, our Pediatrician recommended Naveeda. We contacted her immediately, did the consultation and started the custom made program that she gave us.

We were pleasantly surprised when on the first night baby woke up twice, second night once and after that she has consistently slept through the night.

We call her a magician, we genuinely never thought it would happen but our little girl is living proof.

Naveeda was professional throughout the whole process and also very kind and supportive especially during moments when we didn’t trust ourselves to follow through.

She is an amazing sleep trainer and also a great human being! Thank you so much Naveeda!

Cathy and Peter – April 2019
Nairobi, Kenya

I’ve been hesitant to write something down because I truly didn’t think it could be real. After nearly 7 months of multiple night wakings, I almost couldn’t imagine what sleeping through the night would be like anymore. I had read everything I could find, and despite small victories here and there, we just couldn’t quite get our baby to sleep longer than a few hours at night and 30 mins during the day.

Enter Naveeda. In just 3 days of following the program, and with Naveeda’s firm but gentle coaching, she was sleeping through the night. The naps came shortly after – 1 hour in the morning, 2 hours in the afternoon. And, as if that wasn’t enough, she started eating better and generally being happier.

I can’t recommend Naveeda enough. The only question we ask ourselves is why we didn’t do it sooner. Our baby now loves to sleep! And so do we 🙂

Emilee – May 2019
Nairobi, Kenya

Completing the sleep training program with Naveeda was the best decision we have ever made!

Our baby boy Zac, at 7 months old, used to sleep in our room, in his cot, but he needed to be rocked, swayed and held to fall asleep. He used to wake up at least twice during the night, needing to be rocked again or to sleep in our bed to be able to go back to sleep. As much as it was soothing for him, it was a nightmare for us. My husband and myself were constantly sleep-deprived, tired and frustrated. As a mother, I started to question my abilities and my feelings towards my baby. This was not a healthy environment neither for us or Zac. Having tried to sleep train Zac myself at 5 months and failed at it, it was very clear that we needed professional help. Naveeda’s program was well structured and strict, it required strong will and perseverance to get through the 10 days. As much as it was tough and challenging, it was very very rewarding. Zac started sleeping in his own bed in his own room from the first night and he is sleeping through the night, 12 hrs straight! We are both happy and relaxed! Huge thank you to Naveeda for her support and patience on a daily basis, she was always available and accomodating to all our needs and frustrations. We would have not done it without her! We cannot recommend this program enough!

Nadine – Aug 2019
Nairobi, Kenya

As a first time mum I had attempted to sleep training my son when he was 6 months old but I failed miserably at it and chose to revisit after another 6 months which accumulated in to 15 months extra of breastfeeding to sleep. Finally on deciding that the arrangement was no longer working I reached out to Naveeda on recommendation from my Pediatrician. I am honestly very grateful for the reassurance that Naveeda gave even before we began sleep training.

The information and support that we have received through this journey is more than what you would get off advise from other mothers or a google search. I am happy with the progress that we have made since beginning and completing the program with Naveeda. My son now knows when its bedtime and that we do not breastfeed to sleep – one of our biggest achievements going forward. I cannot stress how important that is for us. He sleeps 11 – 12 hours a night without interruption and even without my presence.

We thank you and would recommend your services in a heartbeat.

Monica and Baby N – Oct 2019
Nairobi, Kenya

“We first met with Naveeda, on the recommendation of our pediatrician, as our little one was not napping well and struggling with sleep. We started to sleep train her around 4.5 months, and within less than two weeks, we had a baby who was sleeping soundly through the night. The plan and tips that Naveeda provides really work, you just have to be diligent in following them. Once our little one was sleeping from 7pm-7am, straight through the night, we saw such an improvement in her temperament. She became such a happy baby once she was more well rested! The outcomes of working with Naveeda have the potential to affect the entire family, both parents and baby are more well rested and have a new routine that helps everyone in the house. We strongly recommend her services if you want a well rested baby!”

D – Oct 2019
Nairobi, Kenya

HS was almost 9 months when we started off the sleep training program with Naveeda. Prior to this, he wasn’t sleeping at night and would be awake every hour to two hours, resulting in me being extremely tired and sleep deprived as well as constantly on the edge; not to mention his extremely short naps during the day 🙁

My husband & I therefore took advantage of the Easter Weekend and started off the 10 – day program. Initially, we didn’t think we would make it through the 10 days whilst HS was undergoing the training as well as him learning how to self soothe. He would cry and scream in protest at the top his lungs! We also weren’t too sure he’d sleep through the night either as he would have night wakings or very early morning awake times and refuse to go back to sleep especially within the first three days. However, by the 4th day, we definitely saw the difference in his behaviour as he was a much happier, calmer baby who also had an increased appetite. He was not constantly relying on me to “feed – to – sleep” anymore and was beginning to sleep through the night as well by self – soothing.

The 10 – days were definitely a rollercoaster ride with HS and his training as he was also going through various milestones hence he’d have his good and bad days but with time, he began to settle down. Today, either of us are able to put him in his cot wide awake and within a minute he is knocked out – no fuss, no tantrums, and no cries of protest! His routine is also well settled now; all thanks to Naveeda! Her continuous support and guidance throughout this process was absolutely amazing. She ensures that at every step, we do the right thing and was extremely keen on timings as well as the minor details to ensure we get this right. A pillar of support throughout the entire process!

We highly recommend Naveeda to any parent who would like to put their child through this kind of a program! It’s definitely life saving and a game changer! Happy baby, happy mummy and daddy 😉

Thank you for everything Naveeda! God bless and wish you continued success.

SSM, SKM & HSM – April 2020
Nairobi, Kenya

I highly recommend Baby Sleep Made Easy with Naveeda!

We got a customized sleep plan after meeting Naveeda in person for quick consultation. Baby is 8months and was becoming more demanding with nursing to sleep and very frequent wake ups. Both of us were exhausted and all our usual soothing tricks weren’t working anymore. We decided to invest our time with Naveeda and her sleep plan has been a life saver. We can have dinners in peace and chill together after putting our little one to sleep no worries.

Naveeda’s sleep plan is written in a very approachable way. My little one has manage to fall asleep independently thanks to the plan. We really appreciate having a tool we can refer back to or use to keep us on track so we could be consistent.

Also her daily phone calls for a follow up helped us a lot to assure and guide us on what we were doing, practical tips, and just being able to listen to our concerns and worries and always answering them quickly.

My little one has been sleeping 11+hours every night with minimal wake ups since starting night one with Naveeda. In fact she is falling to sleep on her own quicker then when we were rocking or nursing to soothe her to sleep previously.Thank you



Vikash, Nisha and Baby A – March 2020
Nairobi, Kenya

We researched several sleep trainers in Nairobi and ended up using a consultant name Naveeda with BabySleepMadeEasy. Her method only takes 10 days, but by day 3 our son was sleeping through the night and would only cry for a few minutes before going to sleep.  I liked her approach because she doesn’t use the cry out method, you stay in the room with him, and sing and sooth him for the first few days.  Then you gradually move closer and closer to the door, until you’re able to just put him down and walk out the room.  Our son was 6 months when we did the training.  He sleeps 12 hours straight every night.

D – Feb 2020
Nairobi, Kenya

thank you so so much, you have no idea what a difference it has made in our lives. I appreciate all your help and constant support.

R & J – Feb 2020
Nairobi, Kenya

Before I had my little girl, sleep training was always something I would tell myself and the others around me that it was going to be an absolute no no when it came to us raising our baby. “But isn’t it my duty as a parent to stay up and nurture my child no matter how long it takes?” why would I ever let my child cry for so long?” these  are only two of the millions of assumptions/questions and thoughts I had when it came to  sleep training. Until one not so fine day, our girl decided she wanted to breast feed the entire night, would refuse to unlatch and would only fall asleep if her dad would lunge for a good 30mins at 3am/4:00am/ 4:30am and at many other odd times! Was it our fault? Absolutely yess, we chose to give in to her crying and created all these ridiculous “props” for her to rely on and in result, it made us living zombies and our baby one hell of a cranky kiddo ALL THE TIME! And why ?because she wasn’t sleeping well at all.

We finally contacted Naveeda and hallelujah you sure as hell get a bang for your buck! Getting into the program was extremely difficult for what 2 days? I cried, my husband bought ear plugs because yes the crying gets quite crazy but it was all just protesting! We were right next to our girl letting her know she was not being abandoned. Day 2 she was sleeping the entire night and 14days later she is soo happy and excited for bedtime, she is able to put herself to sleep without crying or whining (most days) in her own room and sleeps a whopping 12hours!! My husband and I have soo much time to finally spend together and our parenting is on a completely different level because we have so much more energy to invest into her development.

Naveeda was soo helpful, always so responsive and willing to help almost instantaneously. She walked us through the whole process and gave us such a great gift!

Thanks you Naveeda!


Safeena, Hussein & Zoeya – June 2019

Thank you so much Naveeda

We are very happy with her new sleep pattern –  nice and restful for us

We’ll Continue to spread the good sleep word.

S & A – Dec 2019
Nairobi, Kenya

I would recommend sleep training  for every child. Being a single mum, it was a boon for me. Naveeda is very understanding to each baby’s needs. She makes individualized plans that are suitable for each baby. She is there to support you through the plan and even after support. My son and I will forever be grateful to Naveeda for what she has done for us both.

R & R – June 2020
Nairobi, Kenya

We are really glad we persevered through the difficult times as it has been worth it! Thanks for your support  and encouragement.

M – June 2020
Nairobi, Kenya

Its been a month since we started the sleep training with Q and it’s the best thing we ever did for him.  He sleeps so well and has also started eating so well and not only Celerac but he now has so many other things and its all because he is sleeping well now and its all because of your help so .. thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

N & Q – July 2020
Nairobi, Kenya

Thank you for making this 10 day experience a wonderful journey for Aidan and us. You made us re-learn that peaceful and adequate sleep is such an important gift not only for the well being of our son but for us all.

Overall we appreciated your sense of encouragement, positivity and of course your ability to provide guidance and feedback promptly, whenever required.

S & A – July 2020
Nairobi, Kenya

We started sleep training because we felt it was the right decision for our family. We were totally anti ‘leaving our baby to cry’ but having spoken with naveeda she assured us that we would not just leave our baby to cry. Our daughter had been breastfed since birth and as a result had a developed a sleep association with being nursed to sleep. As a result she would wake multiple times at night to pacify on breast milk. As a result no one was getting a good nights sleep. She wasn’t her happiest self and mum and dad were also relatively grumpy due to the lack of sleep.

It’s the best thing that ever happened to us. She sleeps 2 hours during the day ( most days – we’re still working on this) and she sleeps straight through the night for around 12-13 hours. As a result she’s always happy, developing beautifully and mum and dad are having more sleep than they have in a long time! On her 18 month birthday she had her last breastfeed and since then she’s been weaned completely. Nothing short of a miracle, thank you naveeda.

Amazing support from Naveeda from even before we started the programme. She put in place a revised routine and would work with us everyday to ensure we were on track. Naveeda went above and beyond when it came to supporting us through each day of the programme. She was always available on what’s app in case there were any last minute adjustments needed with naps etc. She got us through those first few tough days and after that it was a breeze! Thank you!

For anyone worrying about the affects of sleep training and lasting affects of crying etc. Your baby really doesn’t cry that much during the training, in fact having seen the change in her after having so much sleep I feel it was worse for her health when she wasn’t able to sleep. Don’t think twice, call naveeda and get started!

S & K (18Months) – JULY 2020
Nairobi, Kenya

Our son (7 months) has always needed so much help falling asleep and staying asleep. Pacifier, bouncing, constant night feedings, and sleeping in our bed. We basically were not sleeping.

Naveeda helped show us that our son could do it on his own —he just had to learn how. She was a firm and understanding coach and cheerleader— making sure we stuck to the rules, encouraging us and available to trouble shoot when things didn’t go as planned. Being able to talk to her and message with her that first week was invaluable. I still can’t really believe how well her plan worked. Our lives have been transformed and he is sleeping 11 and 12 straight hours at night.

I can’t recommend Naveeda enough!

Michelle and Baby X
Nairobi, Kenya

“I have to admit I delayed writing this testimonial because I didn’t want to put in writing that my child sleeps through the night! (In case I jinxed it). But, yes, thanks to Naveeda’s coaching, she does sleep through the night! The key to success is consistency and Naveeda’s support ensured that whatever stage we were at during the sleep training, we knew exactly what we were doing and how to do it correctly without confusing our daughter.

I will admit that I was in tears during our initial meeting with Naveeda because I couldn’t bear the thought of letting my baby cry. She was five months old at the time. However, I soon learnt, that not once do you leave your child alone to cry, and even when she does cry, it is a protest cry, not an anguish cry. You are always in the room, and the gentle way in which the sleep training is done, ensures that your baby quickly learns to fall asleep on her own with the least amount of protesting.

I highly recommend investing in your child’s sleep (and your own!) through Naveeda’s proven baby sleep coaching programme.”

Belinda and Baby Isla
Nairobi, Kenya

Dear Naveeda,

We want to express our sincere gratitude for providing us with all the necessary guidance, coaching, written sleep training schedule and materials which allowed us to get our daughter (who was 8 months old when we started your two week plan) to sleep through the night by herself.

We followed your strategy and plan and it really worked!

Your support and guidance during the days of the sleep training program were most helpful and allowed us to finish the program with much success.

We now have a good simple schedule and routine in place so that we both are able to get out and about and do a wider variety of things.

We thank you and will recommend your services to all who are looking for such assistance.

Larry and Betty and Baby N
Nairobi, Kenya

On a bad night my 6 month old daughter was waking up upto 15 times and nursing and I had reached breaking point.

Naveeda gave us a custom made routine to follow and within 3 nights my daughter was sleeping 11 hours without a feed.

We used to rock her or nurse her to sleep every time and now we lay her awake in her cot and she falls asleep within minutes without crying.

It’s a joy to put her to sleep now where as before it was the most dreaded task.

We never thought we would get to sleep again and now we can be better parents as we are not always sleep deprived.

This has changed our life!

Thank you Naveeda

Sonali, Aleem and Baby Arianna

Nairobi, Kenya

With a 5 month old sleeping 8 to 10 hours at a stretch at night, we never thought we would get sleep deprived. Until at 6 months suddenly my daughter had sleep regression. She started waking 3 to 4 times at night for feeds and hardly napped in the day. Sometimes only for half an hour. I was reaching exhaustion and could not function properly at all.

I had heard about sleep training and asked my Pediatrician at her 8 month check up. He highly recommended it and gave us Naveeda’s contact. After a phone conversation we had our meeting and my husband was convinced as well.

We did the program and by the third night, she was sleeping through the night and by the 10th day her day time naps got sorted.

Naveeda was available at any time during the program for any queries or concerns. It’s now been a week since we finished the program and we are a happy and healthier family for sure.

Thanks Naveeda for all the help. I am a much happier mother with a happier and well rested baby.

Drishti, Vik and Baby M

Nairobi, Kenya

As first time parents, we contacted Naveeda when we were at just about our breaking point. Our daughter had been a great sleeper until approximately 5 months when suddenly she started waking up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. She was a terrible napper and was awake almost the entire day; we would be lucky to get 1 hour from her. Aside from the exhaustion we were genuinely concerned about our daughters sleep habits and knew that constant waking and only 7 hours of sleep per day for such a small baby couldn’t be good. After a lot of deliberation, at 6.5 months we finally decided to meet with Naveeda and were convinced that Sleep Sense was the best way to go.

Naveeda provided us with a plan specifically for our daughter. After only 3 days she was sleeping through the night without a fuss in her own room and in her own crib! After two weeks, her naps also regularized and now she sleeps at least 3 hours in the day and 12 hours at night! No more night feeds! We noticed an immediate change in our daughters personality; she is so much happier now that she has the important sleep that she needs.

Naveeda was a wonderful support. She followed up with us daily to see how we were going on and was always available for questions. She always stressed that consistency is key and every recommendation worked. For anyone looking for a gentle but effective approach to providing their baby with the tools to sleep on their own I would definitely recommend the Sleep Sense programme with Naveeda.

Thank you so much for all your help!

Ashiqa, Moez & Eiliyah

Nairobi, Kenya

Hello friends! Okay so I’ve been meaning to do this for a while and finally getting around to doing this.

I want to wholeheartedly thank Naveeda Keshvani who is not only a very dear friend but also the BEST baby sleep trainer in the world!!!

Before babies come into this world the only advice everyone gives you is ‘Make sure you catch up on your sleep!’ And trust me to do the whole baby thing after 10 years is no joke! The sleepless nights were exhausting, the crying baby and diapers was nothing but too much work!!!!

The best gift I have given my beautiful daughter Aarfa to date is SLEEP! She is so well trained thanks to this awesome course I did with Naveeda.

Babies need significantly more sleep than adults to support their rapid mental and physical development. Babies often act as if they’re not tired, resisting bedtime and becoming hyper as the evening goes on. All this can happen because the child is overtired. And hence the random night wakes!! I learnt all this from Naveeda. She instilled in us how important it was for Aarfa to have a good 12 hours to sleep overnight. To hear that was music to my ears!! A happy Baby = A happy Mummy!! And yes she promised me that just after 10 days of training Aarfa would be sleeping the night. All the rocking, all the singing to her to sleep, the back breaking…yes! It’s all OVER!!! My baby has a good night’s sleep and I see a much brighter baby every single day! 😀

For more info on sleep training do not hesitate to get in touch with me 🙂 I will happily share Naveeda’s contact and you can enjoy a good ten hours of sleep daily even with baby…just ’cause …. You can!!!!

Aarti, Farad & Baby Aarfa

Nairobi, Kenya

When Naveeda talks to you of expectations from the program and our child you think of her as a sales lady trying to make a sale.. What! Our kid is going to sleep through the night?! I chuckled on the inside.. By the forth day you better believe what she sold you. Our kid sleeps through the night and more often then not knocks out with 5min of being put in his cot. He cried on his first night,my wife cried,I cried. We all cried. I thought the next morning our kid would hate me. Of course not. He smiled at me as he always does when I woke him up. The weakest link in this program are the parents. You go in knowing that the first few days are going be hell. After that you won’t believe the favor you’ve done your kid and yourselves. It’s the best $385 including of all taxes I’ve ever spent!

Kamini, Bhavesh and Baby Riaan

Nairobi, Kenya

We decided to go ahead with sleep training our child as he was not sleeping well and waking up several times in the night. We called Naveeda for her opinion and advise on where we were going wrong. She gave us a free consultancy before we engaged her on the program. 

Naveeda’s approach was very firm but within reason, and her support through out was incredible. We found her to be perfect for our son’s sleep training. She always monitored his progress and made sure we were sticking to the routine. 

I would highly recommend her to anyone planning to teach their babies. Touch wood, our son sleeps through the night and also has his day naps as per what we had planned. We now find due to his extra sleep and routine, he is a lot of energetic and a much happier baby. This program has not only helped our son but improved our sleep cycles. 

Thank you Naveeda for your help. Keep up the great work.”

Lots of love,

Kay, Pinku, Amit & the Elephant

Nairobi, Kenya

Naveeda was an exceptional sleep consultant for us. We were anxious new parents and although we were in different time zones, she virtually held our hands every step of the way and made herself available to us throughout the process by text, email, phone, Skype, etc.

Even after completing the training, she has always been available to answer any questions that arise and help us navigate changes in our daughters sleep habits. I would highly recommend and trust Naveeda anytime.”

Yashina & Rizwan & Little Nureya

Vancouver, Canada.

A huge thank you to Naveeda Manji for ‘saving’ our sleep!

Before our paediatrician politely recommended we sleep train our 5 month old son, we had no idea how bad our situation was. Putting our son down for naps was at the best of times a half hour rocking and pacifier session (only for him to wake up 20 minutes later)-and at the worst of times mission impossible! And at night time, our son would wake up to 5 times a night to feed. Apart from serious sleep deprivation affecting our own sanity, we weren’t aware that our son’s development was being hindered from lack of sleep. When the doctor told us he should be sleeping up to 12 hours a night, and 3 hours during the day-we were in shock! He and other mummies suggested we contact Naveeda Manji.

Naveeda was not only professional (explaining in detail the training process, and the importance of sleep and child development); but was also very kind and supportive throughout the whole process. She would regularly check on us to make sure all was going well, and was always readily available whenever we needed help.

Yes sleep training is an arduous process and can be tough on the parents’ emotions. But the truth of the matter is that it’s worth it.  Like many worthy things in life, the path to achieving them is difficult. We however cannot stress enough that this difficulty is short-term; what matters most is the very satisfying and essential long term end result-which is so important for your little one!

From sleeping only a couple of hours a time at night, our son now sleeps throughout the night in his own room and by himself-no more pacifier, rocking or ‘snack’ feeding! His naps have as well been regularized, and he manages to get the full rest as recommended for his age. This is evident as he has become a more joyful and adventurous baby!

All in all we recommend sleep training-and the very able Naveeda Manji to take you through it.

So once again thank you Naveeda-for saving our family’s sleep!”

Shalini, Ravi, Baby Mahin & George the Bear

Nairobi, Kenya